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Peco TT:120

LK-12108 TT120 Platform Concrete Type Surface

LK-12108 TT120 Platform Concrete Type Surface

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A craft knife, files and liquid poly cement are required to for assembly

Use with LK-12103 and LK-12104 platform edging and LK-12105 and LK-12106 platform ramp edges.

The TT:120 platform system comprises a variety of styles of platform edging, ramp edges and surfaces that can be used to create platforms of any size and shape. Platform edging designed for use alongside PECO TT:120 track and considers the height of the sleepers, resulting in an accurate platform 3 scale feet from the railhead. The platform surface sheets can also be used for scratch building structures and buildings.

Technical Specifications

5 sheets 133m x 76mm, nominally 1mm thick.

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